Eat Local: Summertime in Laurel

Summer may be hot in Mississippi, but it sure is fun! We have already had a great start to the summer thanks to the new park downtown just steps from our store. I had the honor of designing the park's fence panels and will be sharing more with you soon about my design process working with C&C Specialties to make the fencing happen.  The park was provided by Safety 1st, and the project was managed by Joshua Nowell. What used to be a nearly unused space in the center of our city has become a beautiful spot for children to swing, play and stroll. Thanks to so many in the community who made it happen. I even had the awesome opportunity of working with CNC Specialties in designing the fence around the park! The Trest family will definitely contribute more than our share of play time in the space.  

Laurel, Mississippi Safety 1st Downtown Park

The park is just the beginning of the summer fun for Laurel. We are about to embark on our eighth year of Downtown Movie Night. Last year, the event brought crowds of over 1,500 to our downtown area, so we expect this year to be huge. This year is extra special for us because the Laurel Farmers Market that takes place before movie night has changed locations to Magnolia Street, right in front of our store. With the addition of live music, food trucks and a car show, Downtown Thursday in Laurel will be jam packed with family entertainment. The movie lineup, events and details can be found online at

Adam Trest Laurel Shirts
Laurel, MS Shirt

So, while you’re stocking up on your summer fruits and vegetables, you can shop Adam Trest Home and all the other stores along Magnolia and downtown. We’ll have plenty of our summer series of t-shirts in the store as well as our tin mugs that include our city’s symbolic oak trees and a custom "Laurel" t-shirt design. We also have some Swell bottles with our signature Adam Trest Logo to help keep you hydrated while walking around downtown. We can’t promise it will be cool outside, but we can promise you will have a good time. 

Naturally, I couldn’t stop with just the shirts, mugs and water bottles. This summer on the farm has been an adventure for me, and I have been craving painting something colorful. So, to commemorate this year’s Farmers Market moving to Magnolia, I painted something to help recreate that summer in Laurel feeling all year long. My hope is that this will fill the homes of those who make memories this summer in downtown Laurel, or even in the homes of those who can’t make it this year but know how a summer in Laurel feels. I am producing these in limited quantities, so purchase your print now! 

Adam Trest Print
Adam Trest Eat Local
Eat Local Adam Trest Print

We look forward to seeing all of you summer shoppers in Laurel!

Meet our Team: Lily Trest

In honor of Mother's Day, we want to honor the best of the best, Lily! She is the glue that holds us all together, keeps our business running smoothly and keeps me focused when sometimes all I want to do is come up with new ideas, sketch out something fun and dream of upcoming projects.

If you know us personally or follow my social media accounts, you probably have observed that she's an awesome wife, incredible mother to our two girls, and that while many of the items in the store have my name on them, EVERYTHING has Lily's heart behind it. She is AMAZING at wearing all the hats to keep us moving forward - both in business and in our home life.

Lily Trest

At Adam Trest Home, Lily serves in a operations role, making our buying decisions, keeping the store looking nice, managing inventory, working with our wholesale accounts and managing our team. In Lily's words (and I hear this quite often), "I make sure the doors are open and bills are paid, and Adam paints stuff." So funny, yet so true. 

Her role at Adam Trest Home is so much more than the business side of it. She is excellent at curating beautiful blends of antiques, upholstered furniture and products to keep our store, and the homes of so many who we have been blessed to serve, filled with new and unique style. If you've met Lily, you know that she's not your average girl. She's light everywhere she goes, and she deserves all the credit as the engine propelling Adam Trest Home since the day we opened our doors. 

Before I get in trouble for gushing, I want to turn it over to her so she can tell you the real behind the scenes of how she keeps us going.

Becoming Adam Trest Home
Prior to opening our brick and mortar, I was working in fundraising for Jones County Junior College during the day and managing wholesale accounts at night for the store. We opened our doors two years ago with the plan of creating an environment for the sale of Adam’s artwork on fabric.

Today, the store has transformed into a outlet for his artwork on finished products such as baby blankets, pillows, prints, stationery and many other items. We have discovered that our customers like Adam’s work, and the application of that work gets to evolve as our environment changes. This year is the year of baby for Adam Trest Home. We are designing more baby and children’s products each day and working towards producing our own line of crib bedding.

One of our children’s products, the Poppy blanket featured in an Instagram Giveaway with  @vintageandgrace . Shop this blanket  here . 

One of our children’s products, the Poppy blanket featured in an Instagram Giveaway with @vintageandgrace. Shop this blanket here

I love being my own boss and pushing myself to produce products from Adam’s work. Seeing products go from a simple sketch to a series of tangible products is so fulfilling. I have always been a self-starter and believed the words late friend and encourager Brandon Davis always said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

Mixing Business and Marriage
I try to put my role as wife to Adam before my roles at the store. And sometimes I am better at that than others. I am so proud of the work Adam does, and I think everyone would love it if they had the opportunity to see it and take it home with them. So, that serves as my primary motivation.

My day starts at home rushing Fincher and Adam off to school and work. Then, I'll get myself and Poppy presentable and out the door. Most days I come to the store early to clean and organize, getting it ready for visitors. Then, I spend time going through emails, customer orders and putting out any immediate fires. Some days, I will execute new store layouts or figure out how to produce a product we have been working on, and some days I leave to work my other job. Being my own boss means a lot of responsibility but also a lot of flexibility.

What Makes It Work
Adam Trest Home is unique because it is not limited to the things that can be found in a catalog or at market. We don’t have to rely of someone else to create products we envision. We design 75% of the products we sell in our store and that number is growing steadily. 

Our store is successful because of a lot of hard work by a lot of people. Without the love and support of our community and family, we wouldn’t be here. We thank everyone who has ever walked through our door for your support, advice and encouragement, and we look forward to what's to come with Adam Trest Home.

Through the Eyes of a Child: Children’s Collections

If you’ve followed my work for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed a trend. My life filters into all of it. Every single piece of art I do has a story, and my children’s collections are no different. I honestly had no idea these would end up being as successful as they have been. And each new collection has inspired me to keep going. To know that I’m a part of some of the most precious seasons of your lives, seeing my work on your children’s bibs, blankets, pillows and wall hangings, has brought me the greatest joy.

With trends for children’s bedding and room décor transitioning from bright and fluffy to simple and sweet in the last decade or so, I knew that there was room for my designs in this market. I could incorporate the style and quality of other products and create some playful patterns that would speak to parents who wanted all of the fun without the fuss – classic patterns that would grow with the child that would blend with the rest of their home.

Shop the Field Notes Collection  here . 

Shop the Field Notes Collection here

My children’s collections started with the Woodlands. I had done so many pillow fabrics with toiles and florals, and while those were fun, they really didn’t represent my illustrative style. The Woodlands Collection was an opportunity for me to get creative by designing something for a friend with the intent to produce and sell online and in the store. We knew it was a risk not having launched anything specifically for children, but it was also perfect chance to see where these products could take us.

We started receiving so much great feedback from the first children’s collection, that we knew we were going to keep going. But I wasn’t quite sure what was next. The maps of The Grove and The Drill Field were transitioning from prints and cards into pillows by popular demand. I had the opportunity to design playful fabrics with double decker buses and cowbells for the back of those pillows. On a daily basis, someone would walked into the store and said, “I wish I could do my little boy’s room in that pillow fabric.” I did some research on boy’s bedding, and that’s where my next idea was born. There was a need that I could meet, and I turned that into inspiration to create the Transportation Collection, made specifically for boys. 

Shop the Transportation Collection  here .

Shop the Transportation Collection here.

Then, we started having children of our own, which meant it made total sense to use designs inspired by our two girls to add to the collections. So, the shelves filled with mermaids for Fincher and poppies for Poppy. Then, of course, after I spent hours designing and getting items printed, Fincher decided she didn’t like the mermaids and then wanted horses (can you parents relate?).

Shop horses  here .

Shop horses here.

We had some special friends who weren’t finding out what gender they were having, which made it quite difficult for me to figure out what to get or do for them. And since most of our children’s designs were gender-specific, it seemed like a good time to create something neutral for those who want a simple and neutral feel or for anyone who can actually stand to wait to find out. I admire you all. 

All of our children’s collections have provided us a lot of flexibility in terms of how broad our products can take us. What started with a little project for a friend turned into a considerable portion of what we offer today. Personally, Lily and I are in the young parenting stage, and so many of the decisions we make are driven by the two little people who live with us. So, it makes sense that our store would reflect our lives. But we also want to protect the brand we have created and know that quality and consistency remain our cornerstone.

With our children’s collections, we keep a steady supply of Dash and Albert rugs, Pehr crib skirts, sheets, rail covers and all kinds of accessories. For parents-to-be, we’ve even made it easy for you by introducing our baby registry.  If you’re expecting, call us or come in the store to pick from a variety of items for your registry. We'd love to be a part of your family for years to come. 


Meet Our Team: Amy Thames

It takes a lot of help to keep our store running smoothly day in and day out. There are so many moving parts, and between raising two young girls and working to meet the needs of our customers, our village is so important to us. We have been gradually extending our Adam Trest family over the last few months to keep up with the continued growth of our store. We thought it would be appropriate to introduce you to some members of our team over the next few weeks so you’ll know who makes us look good!

First up, Amy Thames. We are so lucky to have her for so many reasons. She comes to us with many years in retail under her belt, working with big brands like Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Anthropologie. Amy is a breath of fresh air and is the welcoming face our guests get to see when we are not in the store.

Amy Thames

Amy’s Background
Amy was born in Panama City, Florida, then spent middle school and high school years in McComb, Mississippi. She met her husband, Stone, in Hattiesburg while attending the University of Southern Mississippi, where she studied business and fashion merchandising. Amy moved to Jackson, Mississippi, while Stone attended dental school. She worked at Anthrolopogie, and it was there that she learned how critical visual merchandising is to any business with a storefront.

After opening the first Kate Spade store in Mississippi, Amy traveled as a regional recruiter and training store manager. Her husband finished dental school, they moved to his hometown of Laurel, where he joined Family Dental Care. Just after moving to Laurel, Amy and Stone welcomed their first child, a girl named Katherine, and they are expecting their first son, Levi, in just a few weeks.

Role on Adam Trest Team
In Downtown Laurel, everybody knows everybody. Amy was helping the Clairmont family in Laurel open their retail store, HAND+made, just down the street from Adam Trest Home. So, naturally, she became close to us, our family, our story and our store while working to help open HAND+made.

Amy serves as our store manager, where she helps keep us sane, organized and make sure all runs smoothly. Most of all, she helps keep me on task, which is a challenge for artists like me. And even more of a challenge for Amy, I’m sure. Amy makes it easier for us to grow our business because we know the day-to-day is handled. One of the very important tasks she does is telling our story to tourists who enter the store – how the art translates into products. We love how she helps make our store a creative space for visitors to shop and explore possibilities to decorate their homes.

Amy Thames

Amy’s Perspective
Moving to Laurel from Jackson was a scary thought to me. So much of who I was revolved around goals for my career while Stone was in school. Changing that lifestyle and becoming a mother was a huge adjustment, and I feared that I would not be able to achieve both. My prayer was that the Lord would put in my path something that allowed me to use my skill set that I have developed throughout my career towards a passion and goal. I truly believe that Adam Trest Home is that answered prayer. 

My favorite part about working here is being able to watch Adam and Lily take something so close to their hearts, the brand, and let me have the freedom to explore ideas, improvements and enhancements to achieve a great vision. It makes me feel investment in my new hometown in a way that would not be possible without working downtown and for the Trest’s. Not to mention I’m beyond horrible in the art department and am dazzled by all the beautiful products he creates just on a whim.

Fun Fact About Amy
Amy is obsessed with the History Channel and Antiques Roadshow on PBS. She loves to record episodes of Mysteries at the Museum and American Pickers to watch to relax at night before going to bed.