Through the Eyes of a Child: Children’s Collections

If you’ve followed my work for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed a trend. My life filters into all of it. Every single piece of art I do has a story, and my children’s collections are no different. I honestly had no idea these would end up being as successful as they have been. And each new collection has inspired me to keep going. To know that I’m a part of some of the most precious seasons of your lives, seeing my work on your children’s bibs, blankets, pillows and wall hangings, has brought me the greatest joy.

With trends for children’s bedding and room décor transitioning from bright and fluffy to simple and sweet in the last decade or so, I knew that there was room for my designs in this market. I could incorporate the style and quality of other products and create some playful patterns that would speak to parents who wanted all of the fun without the fuss – classic patterns that would grow with the child that would blend with the rest of their home.

Shop the Field Notes Collection  here . 

Shop the Field Notes Collection here

My children’s collections started with the Woodlands. I had done so many pillow fabrics with toiles and florals, and while those were fun, they really didn’t represent my illustrative style. The Woodlands Collection was an opportunity for me to get creative by designing something for a friend with the intent to produce and sell online and in the store. We knew it was a risk not having launched anything specifically for children, but it was also perfect chance to see where these products could take us.

We started receiving so much great feedback from the first children’s collection, that we knew we were going to keep going. But I wasn’t quite sure what was next. The maps of The Grove and The Drill Field were transitioning from prints and cards into pillows by popular demand. I had the opportunity to design playful fabrics with double decker buses and cowbells for the back of those pillows. On a daily basis, someone would walked into the store and said, “I wish I could do my little boy’s room in that pillow fabric.” I did some research on boy’s bedding, and that’s where my next idea was born. There was a need that I could meet, and I turned that into inspiration to create the Transportation Collection, made specifically for boys. 

Shop the Transportation Collection  here .

Shop the Transportation Collection here.

Then, we started having children of our own, which meant it made total sense to use designs inspired by our two girls to add to the collections. So, the shelves filled with mermaids for Fincher and poppies for Poppy. Then, of course, after I spent hours designing and getting items printed, Fincher decided she didn’t like the mermaids and then wanted horses (can you parents relate?).

Shop horses  here .

Shop horses here.

We had some special friends who weren’t finding out what gender they were having, which made it quite difficult for me to figure out what to get or do for them. And since most of our children’s designs were gender-specific, it seemed like a good time to create something neutral for those who want a simple and neutral feel or for anyone who can actually stand to wait to find out. I admire you all. 

All of our children’s collections have provided us a lot of flexibility in terms of how broad our products can take us. What started with a little project for a friend turned into a considerable portion of what we offer today. Personally, Lily and I are in the young parenting stage, and so many of the decisions we make are driven by the two little people who live with us. So, it makes sense that our store would reflect our lives. But we also want to protect the brand we have created and know that quality and consistency remain our cornerstone.

With our children’s collections, we keep a steady supply of Dash and Albert rugs, Pehr crib skirts, sheets, rail covers and all kinds of accessories. For parents-to-be, we’ve even made it easy for you by introducing our baby registry.  If you’re expecting, call us or come in the store to pick from a variety of items for your registry. We'd love to be a part of your family for years to come.