Meet Our Team: Amy Thames

It takes a lot of help to keep our store running smoothly day in and day out. There are so many moving parts, and between raising two young girls and working to meet the needs of our customers, our village is so important to us. We have been gradually extending our Adam Trest family over the last few months to keep up with the continued growth of our store. We thought it would be appropriate to introduce you to some members of our team over the next few weeks so you’ll know who makes us look good!

First up, Amy Thames. We are so lucky to have her for so many reasons. She comes to us with many years in retail under her belt, working with big brands like Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Anthropologie. Amy is a breath of fresh air and is the welcoming face our guests get to see when we are not in the store.

Amy Thames

Amy’s Background
Amy was born in Panama City, Florida, then spent middle school and high school years in McComb, Mississippi. She met her husband, Stone, in Hattiesburg while attending the University of Southern Mississippi, where she studied business and fashion merchandising. Amy moved to Jackson, Mississippi, while Stone attended dental school. She worked at Anthrolopogie, and it was there that she learned how critical visual merchandising is to any business with a storefront.

After opening the first Kate Spade store in Mississippi, Amy traveled as a regional recruiter and training store manager. Her husband finished dental school, they moved to his hometown of Laurel, where he joined Family Dental Care. Just after moving to Laurel, Amy and Stone welcomed their first child, a girl named Katherine, and they are expecting their first son, Levi, in just a few weeks.

Role on Adam Trest Team
In Downtown Laurel, everybody knows everybody. Amy was helping the Clairmont family in Laurel open their retail store, HAND+made, just down the street from Adam Trest Home. So, naturally, she became close to us, our family, our story and our store while working to help open HAND+made.

Amy serves as our store manager, where she helps keep us sane, organized and make sure all runs smoothly. Most of all, she helps keep me on task, which is a challenge for artists like me. And even more of a challenge for Amy, I’m sure. Amy makes it easier for us to grow our business because we know the day-to-day is handled. One of the very important tasks she does is telling our story to tourists who enter the store – how the art translates into products. We love how she helps make our store a creative space for visitors to shop and explore possibilities to decorate their homes.

Amy Thames

Amy’s Perspective
Moving to Laurel from Jackson was a scary thought to me. So much of who I was revolved around goals for my career while Stone was in school. Changing that lifestyle and becoming a mother was a huge adjustment, and I feared that I would not be able to achieve both. My prayer was that the Lord would put in my path something that allowed me to use my skill set that I have developed throughout my career towards a passion and goal. I truly believe that Adam Trest Home is that answered prayer. 

My favorite part about working here is being able to watch Adam and Lily take something so close to their hearts, the brand, and let me have the freedom to explore ideas, improvements and enhancements to achieve a great vision. It makes me feel investment in my new hometown in a way that would not be possible without working downtown and for the Trest’s. Not to mention I’m beyond horrible in the art department and am dazzled by all the beautiful products he creates just on a whim.

Fun Fact About Amy
Amy is obsessed with the History Channel and Antiques Roadshow on PBS. She loves to record episodes of Mysteries at the Museum and American Pickers to watch to relax at night before going to bed.