Meet our Team: Lily Trest

In honor of Mother's Day, we want to honor the best of the best, Lily! She is the glue that holds us all together, keeps our business running smoothly and keeps me focused when sometimes all I want to do is come up with new ideas, sketch out something fun and dream of upcoming projects.

If you know us personally or follow my social media accounts, you probably have observed that she's an awesome wife, incredible mother to our two girls, and that while many of the items in the store have my name on them, EVERYTHING has Lily's heart behind it. She is AMAZING at wearing all the hats to keep us moving forward - both in business and in our home life.

Lily Trest

At Adam Trest Home, Lily serves in a operations role, making our buying decisions, keeping the store looking nice, managing inventory, working with our wholesale accounts and managing our team. In Lily's words (and I hear this quite often), "I make sure the doors are open and bills are paid, and Adam paints stuff." So funny, yet so true. 

Her role at Adam Trest Home is so much more than the business side of it. She is excellent at curating beautiful blends of antiques, upholstered furniture and products to keep our store, and the homes of so many who we have been blessed to serve, filled with new and unique style. If you've met Lily, you know that she's not your average girl. She's light everywhere she goes, and she deserves all the credit as the engine propelling Adam Trest Home since the day we opened our doors. 

Before I get in trouble for gushing, I want to turn it over to her so she can tell you the real behind the scenes of how she keeps us going.

Becoming Adam Trest Home
Prior to opening our brick and mortar, I was working in fundraising for Jones County Junior College during the day and managing wholesale accounts at night for the store. We opened our doors two years ago with the plan of creating an environment for the sale of Adam’s artwork on fabric.

Today, the store has transformed into a outlet for his artwork on finished products such as baby blankets, pillows, prints, stationery and many other items. We have discovered that our customers like Adam’s work, and the application of that work gets to evolve as our environment changes. This year is the year of baby for Adam Trest Home. We are designing more baby and children’s products each day and working towards producing our own line of crib bedding.

One of our children’s products, the Poppy blanket featured in an Instagram Giveaway with  @vintageandgrace . Shop this blanket  here . 

One of our children’s products, the Poppy blanket featured in an Instagram Giveaway with @vintageandgrace. Shop this blanket here

I love being my own boss and pushing myself to produce products from Adam’s work. Seeing products go from a simple sketch to a series of tangible products is so fulfilling. I have always been a self-starter and believed the words late friend and encourager Brandon Davis always said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

Mixing Business and Marriage
I try to put my role as wife to Adam before my roles at the store. And sometimes I am better at that than others. I am so proud of the work Adam does, and I think everyone would love it if they had the opportunity to see it and take it home with them. So, that serves as my primary motivation.

My day starts at home rushing Fincher and Adam off to school and work. Then, I'll get myself and Poppy presentable and out the door. Most days I come to the store early to clean and organize, getting it ready for visitors. Then, I spend time going through emails, customer orders and putting out any immediate fires. Some days, I will execute new store layouts or figure out how to produce a product we have been working on, and some days I leave to work my other job. Being my own boss means a lot of responsibility but also a lot of flexibility.

What Makes It Work
Adam Trest Home is unique because it is not limited to the things that can be found in a catalog or at market. We don’t have to rely of someone else to create products we envision. We design 75% of the products we sell in our store and that number is growing steadily. 

Our store is successful because of a lot of hard work by a lot of people. Without the love and support of our community and family, we wouldn’t be here. We thank everyone who has ever walked through our door for your support, advice and encouragement, and we look forward to what's to come with Adam Trest Home.